Worksurfing is the practice of sharing our workspace or home office with other people, so we can work with someone different whenever we want without leaving our desk.

By worksurfing, we want to boost our work, creative and cultural exchange along with mutual respect.

How to Worksurf:

1) Create a post in the facebook community opening with “WORKSURF WITH ME ONCE”, saying how many people you can host, your neighborhood, the date that you’re available and for how much time you can host in that specific date. Don’t share your full adress in the community!

2) Have in mind that you need to create a time window so people can adjust with you. And if you are always available in that specific day of the week (or days) just say it as well but open the comment saying “WORKSURF WITH ME ALWAYS” and then add the details.

3) Then you can say a little about yourself, what kind of help you can offer, your hobbies, profession and which kind of worker you are so people can see if they identify with you.


4) People will comment on your post saying that they are interested and are going to write a creative response to the post saying a little bit about themselves as well. It’s a great way to start a friendship, isn’t it?

5) If the worksurf booking is for just one person, don’t mind if more than one person come to you on the post. Like the comment so they can see you saw their response.

6) Contact privately the person (or people) that you’re interested in receive and just arrange things up. It’s like trying to arrange a meeting with someone, you’ve certainly know how to do it.

7) If you open a worksurfing booking for just one day, go back to your original post and comment saying it’s CLOSED.

8) Happy Worksurfing!

What problem do we solve and for who?

We’ve created Worksurfing trying to solve a specific problem: people are tired of working alone in their home offices but don’t have enough money to spent on coworking spaces or coffee shops.

Sometimes we want to be connected with people but spending money to go outside our home offices can be costly. If you have a full time plan on coworking spaces, along with its price you’ll also have to pay for transportation and food. For some people, it’s a lot of money.

Right now we are in closed alpha test with a facebook community just for people that live or are traveling through Rio de Janeiro. So, you need to be invited to the Worksurfing Comunnity on Facebook by someone trusted to the Worksurfing folks.

Can I Worksurf right now?

To open a worksurf booking make sure that:
- you have space in your place to acommodate at least one more person.
- you can share internet with more people, like with a wifi router
- you don’t mind sharing your wifi password (if you want, just change it before you host someone)
- you will receive people in your place to use your accomodations and internet without charging them for it
- sometimes is great to say if you plan to share a meal with the worksurfer(s) you’re about to receive
- you are happy to welcome someone and share your workspace :), it is so great to be well recieved!


You can ask to be invited in our closed facebook community:


Worksurfing is an opensource concept first created by Vinícius Machado, Emile Pennes, Camila Costa,
Miriam Rjor, Marcelle Bottini and Karen Demavivas in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil (2013)

Come back soon for updates.